West Street

West Street

formerly “Castle View” situated between Pyle Street and Trafalgar Road.

27 1843 General dealer
1816 National School – Yelf & Co.- master
1851 National School – Anthony PENGEHY – master
Ditto – Susannah TAYLOR – mistress
Rev. Edward GYLES – clergy
Mrs Elizabeth Harriet HERRING – gentry


Nippert Court, Flats 1-10 situated at junction with Pyle Street.

Malcolm Dyer Court, Flats 1-19 situated by Trafalgar Road junction.

Private homes up to No 45

16 Medina Healthcare, Surgery
17 Woodley Stuart
25 Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce (Schools)
Pro-tek-u Ltd – Security Activities
Resolute International
Vectis Radio Ltd
Guarda Security Consultants Limited Unit 6
27 RAF Assn. IOW Branch
33 Toad Hall
Callvendale House Management Co Limited 1987-2006
Christopher Alenander Prew
42 Treecare I W Ltd – Tree surgeon


1907    Morey’s Wood Yard