Trafalgar Road

Trafalgar Place

1841 Census

Alfred ABRAHAM    9                      f.405/11 37

Edwin              “          4

Elizabeth         “          35 wife

Mary               “          8

William            “          30 Head of


Trafalgar Inn

It still stands as a converted house in Trafalgar Lane. Its presence was known to exist in 1871.

Also it once had a bowling ally and practice room for the Newport Town Band.

1878    Thomas DUNNE

1885    Mrs M A CHIVERTON
1889    Mrs Olive CHANDLER

1910    Leonard RUSSELL

Licensing Magistrates for 12 March 1910 received a report from Police Sergeant Hutchins that he never saw more than 6 customers present. The tenant did very little trade and it was considered that the establishment was not necessary as the Cranbourne was in close proximatery. The licence was referred to the Compensation Authority at Winchester.


The Corner House – No.22 New Street

Situated on the corner of Trafalgar Road and New Street.

1852    William MEECH – brewer and beerhouse keeper

1886    Henry Thomas CANT – beerhouse keeper, died 1906

1906    Mary Jane CANT – continued business until 1932 when the premises were closed

1930    C F HISCOCK

Wet fish shop


New Street Brewery

B WHITMARSH – Wholesale and Retail Brewer

New Street

Trafalgar Collage


Brewery Bar [renamed The Globe & Laurel]

1879    Charles DASHWOOD

1911/Frederick BILLOWS
1915    William STAY

1920-4 Mrs Sarah O’NEILL

1927-39 William Henry BAKER

1951    Mrs E BAKER

1970    renamed the Globe

1976    renamed Globe & Laurel


1984    demolished.



4          Rosali House [flats 1-10]

Trafalgar Court [flats 1-20]



Union Street

1-6 Cottage House / Mews


West Street

Corner building owned by Mr WARDALE, a retired minister together with 7 old cottages became the replacement site for Portland House Academy in 1865 to 1928. The original only had 13 pupils.

Pupils: Sir Arthur Percy Morris FLEMING b. Jan. 1881 d. 1960 – Electrical engineer.

Parents – Farther – Frank FLEMING. Mother – Fanny MORRIS

William Joseph SCOTT – 1882

John Curtis MILLGATE b. 1867. Left 1882 ? Articled to William Tucker STRATTON


This tablet marks the site of Portland House Academy established by Mr Robert BARNES in 1865 and continued by R Barnes & Son until 1928. Erected by the Old Boys in grateful remembrance of happy days.

A tablet was erected on exterior wall marking the site of the former and was unveiled by a former pupil, Ald. J C MILLGATE, J.P. On 10 November 1936.

The site was eventually taken over by H W MOREY & SONS LTD. In 1936.

Saw Mill and Timber Yard

Further Timber yard


Malcolm Dyer Court


Trafalgar Road


alleyway to rear of properties of West Street and Portland Street

5 Star Hand Car Wash + [P] Parking

38-50  houses


Portland Street with corner of Carisbrooke Road, a small building named Portland House Academy in 1865.




South side

1-19 houses with Bignor Place over one

Bignor Place

19-21 The Maisonette



27        Sir John Barleycorn


1871-78 William H WINTER

1879    William MEECH
1885    J B COOKE
1889    M EOODFORD
1898    George Mark SMITH
1901-11 George H SMITH/Publican/53
Sarah J Smith/Wife/49
Beatrice Smith/Daughter/17
Albert E Smith/Son/5
Neva M NEWNHAM/Boarder, Ship Assistant Draper/24

1915    George Mark SMITH
1920    Frederick James SMITH
1924-27 Joe REYNOLDS

1939    Frank SNELGROVE

1951    Mrs E WEBB

1970    demolished.

This little pub was a favourite watering hole for yard workers of Morey’s builders suppliers. After closure the pub and adjacent building were demolished to make way for Morey’s new yard and warehouse on the south side of Trafalgar Road. Morey’s Timber renamed Jewson’s

55-59 houses

East View 2, 2a, 2b

61-87 houses

73        1880s   Mrs F CHEVERTON – Ginger Beer Manufacturer

Crab & Lobster         “Beer Shop”

Situated somewhere between East and West View on the south side of Trafalgar Road.

1855    Joseph ANDERSON

West View 1-11 & 2-8

Rolands Terrace Fl 1-4

Trafalgar Road continues but area comes under the control of the Parish of Carisbrooke or the Borough of Newport.


Willow Court fl 1-7

South View 1-11 and Nine Acres School