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Newport in Times Past                                                Peter Ednay                             942/NEP/1993

Put out the Flag – The Story of IOW Carriers            Derek Sprake                          380/ISL/1993

Our Island in War & Commonwealth 1640-1660       Paul Hooper                            942/ISL/1998

Isle of Wight Century 1900-1999                               Roy Brinton                            942/ISL/1999

Images of England-Newport   etc                                Phillip Blanchard                    942/NEP/2001

Ottakars Local History-Newport                                Naomi Lawless                       942/NEP/2002

We have lived through the best years 1940-1965       Brian Greening                       942/ISL/2011

Isle of Wight Then & Now in colour                          Jan Toms                                 942/ISL/2012

Newport Pubs – see website also doc;Inns                 Kevin Mitchell                        647.94/NEP/2012

All Sold Out                                                                County Press                           306.094/ISL/2013

This was our Island 1790-1905                                  Brian Greening                       942/ISL/2013

Newport’s Memorials                                                  Terence Westmore                   942/NEW/2015

West Medina Cement Mill                                          Alan Dinnis                             666.94/NEW/2016

Bill Shepherd

Brian Greening

Internet content – numerous

Isle of Wight County Press

Isle of Wight County Records

Victoria County History – Hampshire Vol. 5 Parishes – Newport pg.253-265          London 1912

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Hampshire Directory – Isle of Wight 1784                J Sadler

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Pigot & Co Directory 1828

Pigots Commercial Directory 1830

The Vectis Directory  1839

Hand Book of the Isle of Wight 1844             Thomas Brettell

Pigot & Co 1844

Slaters Directory  1851

Post Office Directory  1852 & 1855

Craven & Co Directory  1857

Directory of Hampshire & Isle of Wight 1859           William White

J G Harrod & Co. Postal & Commercial Directory 1865

Poll Book election of a Knight 1870                          Moffet & Cochrane

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Census 1871  [pubs,taverns]

Post Office Directory 1875

History Gazetteeer of Hampshire & Isle of Wight 1878

Kelly’s Trade Directories 1886; 1889; 1891; 1894; 1895

Kelly’s Directory of Hampshire & Isle of Wight 1898

Kelly’s Directory 1899

Kelly’s Directory of Hampshire & Isle of Wight 1904;  1907; 1911

Isle of Wight Illustrated Guide Book 1926-1927      Ward Lock & Co.s

The Antiquary: A Magazine devoted to the study of the past

The Old Ledger Book of Newport 1567 – 1799         Percy Goddard Stone              London 1912

Urban Settlement The HEAP – Isle of Wight Council

Newport Borough Alehouse Licences  1732    CRO NBC/4 & IWFHS Journal 36

Newport Borough Alehouse Licences 1733-1753      CRO NBC/6

Newport Borough Alehouse Licences 1766-1809      CRO NBC/6/1/58-101

Master/Apprentice Indentures                         CRO NBC/3

Isle of Wight Council, also old Medina Council

Isle of Wight Libraries

National Archives

British Listed Building in Newport, IOW


Registrar files RG11/1175, 1176-1881

Registrar files RG12/886-8 1891

Registrar files RG13/1019-22 1901

Banks & Bankers        Daniel Hardcastle                    Whittaker & Co. London 1842

Insula Vecta. S.F.Hockey. Phillimore, Chichester 1982                                             942/ISL/1982