Orchard/Russell Street

Leading off Upper St James Street, Nodehill was prior to 1861 Foundry Road bottom left hand corner of above map.

Vectis Foundry and factory.

c.1770 Barnabas URRY – the elder, born in Carisbrooke


1820 Made bankrupt
1831 Robert LOCKE late of Newport, labourer. Indicitment – Offence: stealing 2 pieces of brass, 10 pounds weight of brass, and 10 pounds weight of mixed metal belonging to Barnabas URRY, prisoner held in custody to await sentence.
1839 Barnabas URRY, jun., millwright, helped his father rebuild the business.
1840 Father passed away and Mr URRY jun carried on the business


1840 From Inventor’s Advocate & journal of industry. Vol. II Jan-June 1840.

New Thrashing Machine

At the recent Isle of Wight agricultural meeting a thrashing machine, worked by two strong lads, and capable of thrashing a load of corn per day, was exhibited by that talented and ingenious machinist, Mr Barnabas URRY, jun., the inventor. The little machine excited considerable curiosity amongst the farmers, and thrashed out a sheaf of corn per minute, on the spot, with the greatest regularity, and seemed most admirably adapted for a small farm. The price (about £14) will enable small occupiers to avail themselves of its assistance – Hampshire Telegraph.

1844-65 Blacksmith, millwright & agricultural machine & implement manufacturer
From The Farmer’s Magazine pp 151.

Stand No. 78 Article No. 1, a four-horse power portable thrashing machine, the outer works originally invented, improved, and manufactured by the exhibiter.

Article 2, a two-horse power portable thrashing machine, invented, improved, and manufactured by the exhibiter. Article 3, a two-men power hand thrashing machine, invented, improved, and manufactured by the exhibiter. No. 4, (new implement), a drill machine, full size, invented and manufactured by the exhibiter. No. 5  (new implement), a drill presser, invented and manufactured by the  exhibiter. No. 7, a three-knife chaff-cutting machine, improved and manufactured by the exhibiter.

1848 BT 45/7/1400  Useful Registered Design Number: 1400. Subject: Improved drill.

Category: Agricultural Implements.

Date:1848 March 27

1849 BT 45/10/1925 Useful Registered Design Number: 1925. Subject: Improved horse rake.

Category: Agricultural Implements.

Date:1849 June 15

1851 Employing 26 men and 8 apprentices.
1861 Now employing 15 men and 2 boys
BDM & Census reports
c. 1799 Born Newport, Isle of Wight
1831 Married Jane HATTON, St Mary’s, Portsea 18 April
1871 St James Street, 72, widow. Maria MOREY (Servant), 51
1878 Deceased. St Mary’s, Carisbrooke


Russell Street the residence of which the follow have been recorded.


The Plough Inn

Leasehold messuage at the upper end of Noddy Hill, parish of Carisbrooke, with barn and backside belonging, which by indenture dated 28 April 1704, John Burroughs of Newport, Gardener, leased for 1000 years at a peppercorn rent to Joseph Angell, of Newport, wheelwright, being then in occupation of Timothy Lucas, Marian Haslett, widow and William Gregory, and which said John Burroughs purchased with a garden adjoining from Richard Lester, and is bounded by the garden plot which Burroughs sold off to Thomas Smith, gardener; on the east by the street or highway from Newport to Shyde on west, a tenement and backside theretofore belonging to John Heady, Gent.,. Called the Ship on the north, part of the orchard and garden called Farthingsland, formerly in the occupation of and planted by the said John Burroughs on south, part of which has now been converted into a public house called the Plough.

A marked improvement has recently been effected by the rebuilding of an old hostelry known as the Plough Inn, belonging to Messrs. Mew Langton & Co., The old English half-timbered style has been adopted and the works carried out by Mr. T Jenkins. The stables and coach-house adjoining are about to be pulled down and rebuilt. (Isle of Wight County Press 20 May 1893)

1859 Mrs Celia LEGG
1865 Abraham QUICK
1871-78 William URRY
1879-85 Charles SALTER
1889 Mrs Caroline SHUTTER
1898 A J HEATH
1901 George T MASS
Minnie P Mass, wife
1911 Walter GRIFFIN
1915-20 Harry JACOBS
1924 James ROOKE
1927 Susan HAYLES
1939 Maurice BETTERIDGE
1949 Earnest DARBYSHIRE

The Plough closed its doors for good in September 1977, the building was then converted and extended into four retail outlets.

In 1996 Ken White and Keith Muir moved into one of the small units starting a local bike shop and Wight Mountain was born. Its success grew quickly and so did the premises eventually expanding over all four of the units and the whole ground floor within ten years!

In February 2007 Russ Newnham and Will Downer, mechanics of Wight Mountain since the start took over ownership employing three more staff members to cope with the heavy demands of the busy workshop and extensive shop floor.

Wight Mountain is a rider owned, enthusiastic bike shop with dedicated staff who between them are knowledgeable in all areas of biking.  http://www.wightmountain.com