Borough 1568

Newport the capital of the IOW, is an ancient borough and well-built market town. The Borough now comprises in its municipal and parliamentary limits the small parish of Newport and parts of the parishes of St Nicholas, Carisbrooke, Northwood, Whippingham. The old borough of Newport. By the reform act of 1832 & 1835, the borough was extended so as to include that large portion of the town which is in the Carisbrooke Parish.

Wealth of Newport 1568

Thomas ANDREWS                                              John FEVER – Candlemaker

Henry BALAM                                                      Richard POPE – Candlemaker

George BASE                                                         John LYSENEY – Dyer

Richard BISHOP                                                    Richard FULLER – Fishmonger

Thomas BRACKLEY                                            Thomas COOKE – Glover

Robert BRACKLEY                                              John ACLAND – Leather searcher

Richard CHAMPION                                             Henry ORWELL – Mariner

Henry CLARKE                                                     John FLEMYNGE – Mercer

William COLMAN                                                Richard ERLESMAN – Merchant

John DRAPER                                                       William GEFFEREY – Merchant

Humfrye FROSTE                                                 Mark JAMES – Merchant

Thomas GAGGER                                                 Thomas JAMES – Merchant

Lawrence GILES                                                    Richard JAMES – Merchant

Arthur HUDSON                                                   William NEWNAM – Merchant

John JOLLYFFE                                                     John SERLE – Merchant

Robert PETERS                                                     Francis WATERTON – Merchant

William PORTER                                                   William HANCOKE – Miller

John VAUGHAN                                                   Joan BADD – Shoemaker

Elizabeth WHITE                                                   Thomas CROSSE – Shoemaker

William BARTON – Ale brewer & Ship Owner    John HALLE – Shoemaker

Robert COOKE – Ale brewer                                 John VALLEY – Shoemaker

Thomas GOTER – Artifficer                                   Nicholas VAWSE – Shoemaker

William BROWNE – Baker                                   David WOODNETT – Shoemaker

John KENT – Brewer                                             Edmond BARNES – Tanner

William THOMAS – Brewer                                  James BOWLER – Tanner

William BAKER – Butcher                                    John WESTMILL – Tanner

Thomas BYDDLE – Butcher                                 John LANE – Weaver

Peter WOODFORD – Butcher                               William BURRELL – Wine-merchant