Welcome to Newport History 

This website is slowly being updated with the latest information of historical Newport, Isle of Wight from 1600.

The aim is to provide a street by street listing of people, trades and property, together with other relevant information.

The concept came about by chance when looking up information on the web, having come across a file by British Listed Buildings and finding some 300 listed for Newport, decided to photograph them. It was then that the history behind these properties took off.

Over the coming months, as more information is gathered, so the site content will grow. The first area is based on the Speed’s map of 1611, which takes us up to 1860 for the Newport Borough Corporation. Surrounding areas are listed under the P. of Carisbrooke – Newport or Shide and P. of Whippingham – Outer Newport.

Records from 1861 will continue to be recorded under the Parish names/streets, up to end of 20th century.

A new section headed Newport 21st century will be created in due course.

The image file now exceeding some 1100 plus is broken down into three folders entitled, lb for Listed Buildings; Pre 2000 and Post 2000. Note these will be posted shortly.

Updated pages added – P. of Carisbrooke – Newport for period ending September 2017
Chapel Street
Elm Grove
Russell / Orchard Street
Terrace Road
St John’s Place
Union Street
West Street
Updated pages added – P. of Carisbrooke – Newport for period ending October 2017
Carisbrooke Road
Carisbrooke Road/The Mall (Castlehold)
Carisbrooke Road known as Castlehold
New Street
New Village/Castle Road
Pan/Pan Mill
St Cross Priory
St John’s Place
Westminster Lane

Please contact me with any information that you may have and how to improve the content.
Oct. 2017