Public Houses and Inns

Public Houses 1898 Kelly's Directory

Antelope P.H. 58 High street - Welch Mary Ann Maria (Mrs.)
Barley Mow P.H., Shide - Ranger George
Bedford P.H. & grocer, 77a Carisbrooke road - Chiverton Charles Mew
Beehive P.H. Lugley street - Cashes James
The Bell P.H., 24 St James square - Barnes Mary (Miss)
The Britannia P.H., 36 Hunny hill - Minter James
Brown Jug P.H. 3 Carisbrooke road - Peck William
Castle & Banner P.H. Hunny hill - Killeen James E.
Charles the First P.H. 119 St James street - Cook Joseph
Coopers' Arms P.H. Coppin's bridge - Prangnell Fred.
Cranbourn P.H., 61 Upper St James street - Russell Leonard
Eagle P.H. 32 High street - Whittington William
Falcon P.H. & grocer, 2 Castle road - Barton Arthur Thomas
Globe P.H., 168 High street - Cooper George
Grapes P.H., 41 Upper St James street - Sherwood Joseph
Green Dragon P.H. 36 Pyle street - Frampton Henry
King's Head P.H. 40 Pyle street - Bishop Edmund,
Lamb tavern P.H., 50 High street - Dennett Arthur P.
The Malt & Hop P.H., 24 South street - Cross Arthur
Newport Arms P.H., 20 St. Thomas square - Chandler George
Prince of Wales P.H., 36 South street - Carwardine Thomas Frederick
Prince Regent P.H., 166 High street, & wheelwright, Coppin's bridge - Osborn George
Princess Royal P.H., Cross lanes, St.Paul's road - Moody James
Red Lion P.H., 21 St James square - Campbell Alexander
Robin Hood P.H. & grocer, Robin Hood street - Orchard William Henry
Royal Oak P.H. Holyrood street - Leigh William
Salisbury Arms P.H., 7 High street - Cooke Jane Eleanor (Mrs.)
Shoulder of Mutton P.H., East street - Railey Charles
Sir John Barleycorn P.H. 27 Trafalgar road - Smith George Mark
Valiant Soldier P.H. 52 South street - Matthews William
The Vine P.H. 133 High street, & wine & spirit merchant, Holyrood street - Wavell Joseph Henry
Waggon & Horses P.H., 57 Crocker street - Rae William
White Hart P.H. 79 Pyle street - Hewett James
White Horse P.H. 94 Upper St James street - Wavell Eliztb. (Mrs.)
White Lion P.H., Coppin's bridge - Urry William

Inns and Hotels 1898 Kelly's Directory

Bugle hotel, 117 High street - Fox James John
Castle inn, 91 High street - Mursell Nicholas Henry Thomas
Crispin inn, 109 Carisbrooke road - Howley Thomas
Crown & Sceptre inn, 136 High street - White Charles A.
Crown inn, 114 St James street - Way George A
Dolphin inn, 41 Sea street - Jay Warden
Fountain inn & water carrier, 6 Sea street - Leigh Samuel
George inn, 92 Upper St James street - Norris Alfred Osgood
Plough inn, 48 Upper St James' street. - Heath Alfred John
Railway hotel, Holyrood street - Dronke Edgar
Rose & Crown inn, 17 St. Thomas Square - Flux Esther Ann (Mrs.)
Star hotel, St James street - Moores Edward
Sun inn, 28 Holyrood street - Gee William James
Swan inn, 151 High street - Southcott Thomas (trustees of)
Temperance hotel; every accommodation for commercial travellers, stock rooms &c. 37 Pyle street - Peach J.
Trooper inn, St James street - Allen George
Warburton's Quay street hotel - James Walter Thomas
Wheatsheaf hotel, 18 St. Thomas square - Read Edith (Mrs.)